The day i fall in love - YouTube
The day i fall in love - YouTube

Oh man listening to Beethoven the movie soundtrack at work is making me soooo happy! Lol all dem puppies!

“In the fifth grade I was arrested from school and suspended for a week cause I made blueprints and plans and went through the classrooms stealing all the Goosebumps books. I was successful with three classrooms. The way I did it, every week I came home with a certain amount. I had numbers one through 73. Then I fucking got caught. And I was a little smartass, so I was like, What a coincidence! A black youth getting arrested for wanting to read. So I made a list of everyone I thought snitched on me, who I was going to kill and torture.” — Tyler, The Creator.

Lol nonfaitparconcentre all the goosebumps!

Always challenge yourself to incorporate colour creatively.


do you ever just kinda wonder what your selling point as a human being or friend is? like, what was the point at which people were like: hey, I’ll keep this human

Had the best day throwing our bodies down watery tubes #babes #waterslides #cultuslake @libbygrobinson @kelly_nope @lucyindianawild    🏊🏄🚣👙💃☀️